Adventures in Amateur Radio

Scappoose, Oregon, USA    -     Columbia County

ITU Zone 6         CQ Zone 3         Grid  CN85nt


.: Beverage Receive Antenna



The Beverage we use is a  DX Engineering (RPS-1)   dual directional 360 foot (109,7 m), oriented due North/South, six feet (1,8 m) off the ground. The  antenna uses 450 ohm ladder line as the antenna, and 75 ohm RG-6u for the feedline. The antenna runs atop the fence between our property and 5 acres of pasture next door. Pictures of it are below:

Here are pictures of the two ends of the Beverage antenna. Note the ground connections, which are tied to 5 feet of 3/4 inch Type M copper water pipe driven into the ground. The picture on the right shows a low spot on the corner of our property, which is usually under water in heavy spring rains. Good ground here! The coax used going into the shack is about 125 feet of 75 ohm RG-6u satellite TV coax. About 15 feet of the coax is buried under ground, which helps eliminate some common mode noise.











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